Healing with Holistic Therapies

Holistic Medicine​

Holistic medicine is beneficial for those with:

•  Chronic Disorders & Sensitivity  •
•  Immune System Imbalance  •
•   Digestive Disturbance  •
• Arthritis, Pain & Stiffness  •
•  Internal Organ Deficiency  •
•  Cognitive Issues  •

Schedule of Fees

Small Animals

Initial one hour consult
$210 + prescriptions

Follow-up (30 - 45 minutes)
$125-150 + prescriptions

Phone & e-mail consultations billed for time & research
$35 minimum


Initial one hour consult and follow-ups
$225 + prescriptions (Plus travel fees to your barn in the San Francisco Bay Area)

Each hour-long consult includes assessment, treatment, and balance using any combination of:

•  Chinese Medical & Bio  •
•  Energy Evaluation  •
•  Acupuncture  •
•  Herbal or Classical Homeopathy Prescriptions  •
•  Flower Essence Treatment  •
•  Traditional Chinese Tuina Massage  •
•  Chinese Dietary Therapy  •
•  Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks  •
•  Acupressure  •
•  Dietary Instructions for At-Home Follow-Up Care  •

New Patient Availability

Availability for new patients is currently very limited

Contact us if you need support, but know you may be placed on a waiting list. Please also check out our classes and resources, which aim to empower animal caretakers to care for their own pets using holistic techniques.

Referral Vets In the Bay Area

Dr. Anne Reed
Pt. Richmond (510) 557-0604

Dr. Jenny Taylor and Staff
Creature Comfort – MacAurthor Blvd, Oakland (510) 530-1373

Dr. Gary Richter and Staff
Holistic Vet Care – Piedmont Ave, Oakland (510) 339-2600

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