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Experience, Knowledge & Intuition for 4+ decades | Guided Acupressure,
Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Herbs, Homeopathy, Chinese Dietary Therapy and more
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An Energy Medicine Pioneer
Author Four Paws, Five Directions — practical Chinese
Veterinary Medicine Reference for animal lovers
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Browse Dr. Cheryl’s Resources for Support with your Animal Family
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Learn with Dr. Cheryl
Worldwide online consultations and workshops
teach holistic care to animal lovers
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Dr. Cheryl’s HEALTHY TIPS FOR TAILS on Patreon
Monthly self-help video series — at home techniques to assist your Animal Family
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Nurturing Connections between People & Animals with ease, grace & well-being

About Dr. Schwartz


As a pioneer in holistic veterinary therapies, Dr. Schwartz learned from animals themselves,
and has brought the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine to their households.

She now lives in the SF Bay area and serves the community through a small private practice and
online consults worldwide to support animal caregivers like YOU care for your own animal friends.

Dr. Cheryl’s Healthy Tips for Tails — monthly self-help video series on Patreon

Dr Cheryl’s Healthy Tips for Tails

In this 10–15 minute practical monthly video series, Dr Cheryl uses her
knowledge and experience to address timely animal concerns.
We know that these days giving and receiving veterinary care can be challenging, so we share
some guiding tips you can try to make your animal comfortable at home until you get to the vet.


Doggitude & Catitude Series 2019

Sharing a Preventative & Restorative Health Care System for your Animal Friends

Like us, our animal family experiences physical and behavioral changes throughout life. Inflammation, coldness, over-excitement, depression, anxiety, weakness or injury happens. Whether acute or chronic situations, the ancient Chinese Medicine system of the Five Forces of Nature tracks and offers re-balancing solutions to restore healthy well-being. It is a preventative and restorative health system. This video- recorded live class series focuses on each of the Five Forces – Wood (Liver), Fire (Heart), Earth (Stomach), Metal (Lung) and Water (Kidney) – how each plays out in everyday life, and how YOU can help guide your friend back to health.

Books & Videos

Four Paws
An easy to understand guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs, making this ancient tradition accessible for the health needs of your animal friends. Used by animal caregivers and as a textbook for veterinarians wanting to learn alternative medicine, this book covers the meridian system with easy-to-follow acupressure points, Chinese Food and nutrition Therapy, herbs and massage techniques for specific issues your animal friend may encounter. More than 50,000 copies sold worldwide in English and translation.

Four Paws Five Directions

Four Paws Five Directions


Welcome to the world of traditional Chinese medicine—for cats and dogs! For the growing number of animal lovers seeking an alternative to Western medicine, this thoughtful and comprehensive approach to home animal care is a virtual godsend.


Using acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, nutritional therapy, massage, sound and light therapies, we help create balance in the bodies and environments of our animal friends and their caretakers.

Holistic Veterinary Medicine goes beyond physical body issues, believing we are all connected and that each individual is a unique being. Veterinarians are used to receiving information through non-verbal energy fields. We know our animal friends are family members and we offer compassionate care to restore health and contentment. Holistic Veterinary Medicine is love and connection. It recognizes the flow of circular patterns. Using Traditional energy healing techniques of acupuncture, acupressure, Qi Gong, massage, herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, intuition, science, sound and light therapies, we nurture balance in bodies, minds, souls and environments of our animal friends and their caretakers.